Vogue Italia: Photo Vogue, #12 on The Hubs: 32 Most Talented Photographers In Cleveland 2019 List, Elléments Magazine, Mith Magazine, Art + Commerce, ROGUE Magazine, B-Authentique Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Fashionmingle.net, NYFW: The Shows, Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, & many more.


“Photography really started for me when I was a teenager Photographing my friends while we were out skateboarding. Having grown up constantly surrounded by art I was always drawing and painting as a kid. After borrowing my brothers Minolta and starting on 35mm for photo class in high school I quickly realized… This is it. Having a passion for art and aspiring to become a film director I realized I enjoyed creating stories more than documenting, however I do love the documentary style approach to creating a story. After high school I went on to study Fine-Art in college and received a degree concentrated in photography.”

Since graduating college in 2013 Patrick maintains a focus in Editorial, Fashion, and Portraiture deeply rooted in fine-art. His work can be found published on multiple international platforms and with magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elléments, MITH, and ROGUE magazine. In 2014 Patrick started working with fashionmingle.net as a fashion photographer and writer in charge of covering New York Fashion Week each spring/summer and fall/winter season in New York City. As of 2017, he was named Media/Art Director and lead fashion photographer for Fashion Mingle. In July of 2019 Patrick was ranked number 12 on The Hub: 32 Most Talented Photographers From Cleveland 2019 list.

Patricks ability to dive into the creative imagination and pull out only the most unique elements has been referred to as multidimensional. His work has been described as “charged with emotion and style” and holds deep roots in fine-art. Patrick draws a lot of inspiration from masters of the Romantic era, as well as his strong interest in impressionism and surrealism. As well as European style and culture, the universe and its never ending wonder, and many fine-art painters and old photography masters. Patrick is driven by a deep emotional attachment to consciousness, creative storytelling, and provoking real emotion in whoever views his work. Patricks approach is unique, versatile, and unforgettable.

“With my work, whether it be commissioned or personal, I thrive to create something thought provoking and memorable. I believe that every piece of art should hold a concept but also be left open for the viewer's interpretation. Pulling out what you see and expressing those feelings, I believe those feelings and emotions come from a source deep within, a source I believe to be directly connected to who or what we truly are.”